As a parent, you want the best for your child(ren). At The Language Buzz, so do we!
Our goal is to create an environment that makes your child(ren) excited to learn a new language, while honoring your investment by making sure that learning is taking place. Therefore, we are as committed to the outcome as we are to the process. Having fun is important. Knowing that learning is taking place is important too.

We currently offer programs in Spanish and will expand to French and Mandarin (Chinese) in the near future.

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Pre-Elementary (3 to 5 years)
While introducing your child to your chosen language, we will focus on fun, basic vocabulary. For example, a week on the local farm might focus on animal vocabulary (pig, cow, goat) in the context of an "I see a " structure. "I see two pigs. I see one cow." Children absorb the language while enjoying games, music, puppets and arts and crafts.

  • The maximum group size is 5 parents and toddlers
  • $35 per week, one meeting per week
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Early Elementary (6 to 8 years)
Children learn useful conversational basics in addition to functional structures such as expressing likes and dislikes, describing motion, emotions, locations and more. Your child will actively practice the language via projects, competitive games, singing, art, and more!

  • The maximum group size is 7 learners
  • $35 per week, two meetings per week
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Late Elementary/Middle (9 to 12 years)
In addition to the language skills learned in the In-Betweens program, students practice expressing their opinions (I think, I like, I prefer), describing obligations ("before I can go outside" or "I have to...") and telling time all in the context of fun activities with relevant "tween" topics such as current books, movies, and music.

  • The maximum group size is 7 learners
  • $35 per week, two meetings per week
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Small Group Tutoring
Our language coaches will gladly help middle and high school students with their foreign language classes by assisting them with homework assignments, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and verb drills. Help your child gain confidence in the classroom!

Private Groups
If you have a home school group, church group, daycare center or an existing after-school program/group and would like to use our instructors to teach you our your children a foreign language please call us at (803) 252-7002.